Adult Services

Recognizing the need for continuing support for young adults who have completed a school program, the Adult Services Program at Saint Catherine Center opened in 2015. The program currently serves 26 adults from 13 towns and is a natural extension of Saint Catherine Academy, which was established in 1999. Like the Academy, an individualized, comprehensive approach is taken with each participant. Individual schedules and goals are developed along with parents or guardians.

The Adult Services Program is approved by the Department of Development Services as an adult day service option.

Program Features:  

  • Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., Monday through Friday
  • Fully-accessible
  • Technologically current
  • Life Skills Apartment
  • Gymnasium and work-out room
  • Nurse onsite
  • Recreational activities include swimming, bowling, music and art, cooking, and more
  • Safe, suburban location
  • Transportation to and from the Center available (in select locations)

Our goals are to:

  • create the opportunity to participate in community life
  • develop life skills competencies
  • foster a safe, stimulating environment
  • support the ability to make personal choices for the future
  • develop and maintain relationships with family members and friends

Please contact us or call 203-540-5381 for more information.

Adult Program Fact Sheet