Building Community

Interacting and building relationships with other young adults is a primary objective of the Adult program. From simple tasks, such as collecting the mail or cleaning up the garden for planting, to preparing a meal and packaging bakery items for Merton House, we seek opportunities for our young adults to work together, learn to depend on each other, and feel a sense of belonging.

For those who are able, volunteer work at various sites in the community provides valuable vocational experience. Under staff supervision, participants engage in such tasks as sorting clothes, working with preschoolers, shredding documents, and more.

Hands-on activities in the community—such as visits to Silverman’s Farm and the Maritime Center—provide stimulation and entertainment. Many participants in the Adult program also enjoy the regular Dinner Dances, hosted by the Center, in which adults with disabilities from throughout the Diocese gather for fellowship and fun.


“Sami looks forward to going to the Center every day. She loves going out to the van each morning, peering in to see who is there to pick her up – usually with a big smile on her face. As a mother of a non-verbal child, seeing that smile on her face is extremely comforting, assuring me that she is happy to be on her way.”    Lori Leskin, parent