pagetitle-waystogivedefaultThe Center Fund

Each Year, Saint Catherine Center for Special Needs receives generous donations from donors who recognize the value of our programs and who share a deep commitment to meeting the educational, spiritual and social needs of the individuals that we serve.

Donations to The Center Fund helps provide for day to day expenses that are not covered by tuition or program fees. Our gratitude is without bounds for the generosity of our supporters. With 50% of our revenue from tuition and program fees, we are dependent on our benefactors. You have learned about our mission and embrace it as your own. We continue to turn to you for support and pledge to honor your financial investment by meeting the needs of the individuals we serve.

To send a donation, download the Donor_Form, or send a check payable to Saint Catherine Center for Special Needs.

To make a donation online using Paypal:

Does your company have a matching gift program?
If yes, please send us the completed form and we finish the process.
All donations are tax deductible.