Program for Adults Gains Approval

Fairfield — The State of Connecticut Department of Developmental Services (DDS)approved the application that allows Saint Catherine Center for Special Needs to offer Group Day Services to individuals supported by DDS. The application process took over two years and was preceded by a feasibility study that was funded by the Koch Foundation. During the process, Center staff visited multiple DDS approved sites, conducted focus groups and interviewed caregivers, parents and caseworkers to help shape the proposed program. Several former students of Saint Catherine Academy have expressed interest in returning to the Center once the program was approved.

“This moves us forward as we work to fulfill the vision that created Saint Catherine Center for Special Needs,” said Helen Burland, Executive Director. “Now we have the ability to offer a continuum of services from age 5 through adulthood. Our commitment to serving individuals with disabilities is boundless. Today, we removed an important barrier to fulfilling this vision.”

The next step requires staff to complete DDS Provider Orientation at the end of January. In addition, Center staff will review program needs and make recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding staffing and program resource needs. “We have done all of the preparation work for this decision,” Burland commented. “Now it is time to make this happen!”