Resources for Being at Home

Here are some resources, both fun and academic, for being at home. 

Art Projects from Ms. Megan

Dandelion art with Ms. Megan

Build a bird’s nest with Ms. Megan 

Draw a Squirrel with Ms. Megan

Make an Origami Figure with Ms. Megan

Crayon Art with Ms. Megan

Bubble Art with Ms. Megan

Duckling Drawing with Ms. Megan

Coin Art with Ms. Megan   

Draw a Unicorn 


Some Read-Aloud Stories  

Mr. John reads “Frog and Toad Together” (19 min)

Mr. John reads “Days with Frog and Toad” (29 min)

Ms. Yvonne reads “The Little Engine That Could

Mrs. Burland reads “Itsy Bitsy Spider

Ms. Laura reads “A Perfectly Messed Up Story

Ms. Virginia reads “The Great Big Noise” 

Ms. Jeanie and Mr. Tom (Tisdale) Read The Old Lady Who Wasn’t Afraid of Anything

Ms. Jeanie reads I Love You the Purplest” 

Ms. Jeanie (Tisdale) reads Stellaluna” 

Mr. Tom (Tisdale) readsCorduroy 

Ms. Virginia reads “The Great Big Noise” 

Sr. Cheryl Reads “If You Give a Dog a Donut”

Ms. Brady Reads “How Dinosaurs Say Goodnight”

Mr. John sings original song Hey, How Ya Doin’”  

Mr. John sings “Tennessee Stud”  

“All God’s Children Sing in the Choir”: Lift your spirits with this fun slideshow based on a song by Bill Staines

Sr. Cheryl singsSing and Shout for Joy


Cooking Projects 

Ms. Colleen makes Bruschetta

Ms. Colleen and Julia make Guacamole

Ms. Colleen makes Orzo Salad

Making Avocado Toast with Ms. Lindsay


Exercise & Yoga

Fast paced and silly cardio workout with Ms. Angela

Homework break– 5 minutes of medium level cardio with Ms. Angela

Limited mobility upper body movements (also silly) with Ms. Angela

Yoga with Ms. Angela from ASD Fitness Center in Orange, CT

Easy Workout of the Week with Ms. Angela


Other Fun Videos

A Visit to Ms. Brady’s Family Farm, “Kelly’s Kids”

Ms. Samera shows how to make your own face mask

Making ice cream with Ms. Megan–it’s easy!

Together While We are Apart” – Students, adults, and staff doing everyday things at home

We Miss You!” A video of all our friends’ faces

Hello from Saint Catherine Center staff!


Virtual Programs

Links to various virtual zoo tours: Take a trip to the zoo without leaving your home

Links to Virtual Field Trips

Maritime AquariumDistance Learning and Free Virtual Programs from The Maritime Aquarium. Students, families and individuals are welcome to take part in these live-streaming virtual programs. All programs require advance reservations to receive the needed link.


Math – Science – Reading & Boredom Busters

Set some goals for yourself while you’re at home with this Goal Setting Worksheet

Kids Connection on NBCMultiple downloadable at-home science activities, as well as read-alouds and other videos

Build a birdhouse! – Instructions for constructing a simple bird house from

Hidden Pictures – Four fun brain teasers

Indoor Scavenger Hunt – Have fun and build identification skills

Edmentum – Grade-specific worksheet bundles include math, language arts, science, reading and literary activities.

Epic – Online library of books, many of which can be read-aloud and have quizzes that go along with them. Free for students from 8-4 M-F. 

Scholastic: Offering free 20 days of materials. Organized by grade level and includes materials for different subject areas.

Mystery Science: Free science lessons for grades K-5. Organized by grade level and include topics about animals, weather, engineering, etc.

Khan Academy: Free Math practice and videos. Organized by grade level and standard. You can sign up for free or connect to a teacher’s class code.

Go Noodle: Great resource for brain breaks and to get people moving. Includes videos on yoga, meditation, dancing, stretching, etc. You can sign up for free.

National Geographic Kids: Free resource that includes articles, videos, and games for kids that connects to social studies and science topics.

Funbrain: Games to help practice reading and math skills.

Highlight Kids: Read, play games, and conduct science experiments.

Seussville: Read and play games relating to all your favorite Dr. Seuss books.


Some Prayers for Children and Families