Center Information

The Center
Helen Burland, Executive Director

Saint Catherine Academy
Brian Farrell, Director of Education

Saint Catherine Academy is a state-approved, private special education school in Fairfield, Connecticut, serving students of all faiths who are impacted with autism, intellectual and developmental disabilities. Our highly structured, multi-disciplinary program is relationship based and individualized. With high expectations students grow academically; develop interpersonal competencies; independent living and vocational skills.

Office of Parish and Community Outreach
Gail Mikolsky, Director
Office of Parish Support and Community Outreach is a ministry of the Diocese of Bridgeport that supports individuals with disabilities and their families to be full participants in their parish community.

Office of Inclusive Support for Catholic Schools

Office of Inclusive Support for Catholic Schools provides collaborative services to ensure that schools are successful in providing the advantages of Catholic education to students with disabilities. The Director provides instructional strategies, assistance with preparation for and interpretation of evaluations, assistance with programming for students with disabilities and serves as a liaison with public school districts in order to promote an inclusive environment that supports the individual’s development and academy success.

Adult Services
Brenda DeMattio, Coordinator
 The Center offers a day program for individuals with developmental disabilities who are seeking to remain active in the community. The program offers a variety of opportunities to learn new skills and participate in vocational and community based activities. This program is approved by the Department of Developmental Services.