Saint Catherine’s is one-of-a-kind when it comes to adult day programs in the area. It has given our daughter Sami the individualized support that she needs, while also giving her access to the community with meaningful activities.

Sami looks forward to going to the Center every day. She loves going out to the van each morning, peering in to see who is there to pick her up – usually with a big smile on her face. As a mother of a non-verbal child, seeing that smile on her face is extremely comforting, assuring me that she is happy to be on her way.

Sami has become much more social and interactive at Saint Catherine with both the staff and her peers. She clearly has her favorites—usually the guys. But also loves hanging with her girlfriends there as well. One of her favorite days is Wednesday when she has music class. But she also loves bowling, and greatly benefits from swimming at the Y.

The staff has been magnificent. She is clearly well cared for, but the staff has gone above and beyond to communicate with me and address any concerns I might have. 

We feel very lucky to be part of the Saint Catherine community.            Lori Leskin, parent


For several years, Mary and I were looking for an adult program for our son, Patrick who is blind and neurologically impaired. Everywhere we looked, we were given excuses as to why those programs could not encourage Patrick’s capabilities or see his accomplishments. They seemed to be, at best, custodial in nature.

From the moment we met Helen, the Center’s Executive Director, we knew that this was the right program for Patrick. We jointly developed a program to address his health in body (swimming twice a week), mind (special outings, reading, vocabulary, specific work assignments like delivering the mail and leading the pledge of allegiance) and spirit (music therapy and opportunities to attend Holy Cross Church). Every activity sets Patrick up for success and celebrates his growth.

Helen and the team are always saying, “How can we help Patrick accomplish his goals? How can we make his program more interesting and challenging? How can we modify things to make the experience more meaningful to him?”

Since Patrick has been attending Saint Catherine Academy, his confidence has grown. Instead of being too shy to sing along with his peers, he now sings right into the microphone.                                                                                      Bob Ross, parent


I support St. Catherine Center because it is an answer to the prayers of so many. Parents can send their children here and know they are safe and secure. They learn, and they thrive! They are loved, they are nurtured, and in turn love and nurture back. In a world with so much chaos, what happens at St. Catherine’s is an example of what Jesus taught us to strive for.                  Kelly Luff Weldon, Board member