New Partnership with the School Sisters of Notre Dame

Monday morning brings a flurry of activity as a group of participants in our Adult Day program head down to Wilton to volunteer at the Campus for the School Sisters of Notre Dame. Since November, 3 or 4 adults with their support staff help with laundry, cleaning the chapel, or helping in the dining hall. They are warmly greeted by the sisters as they pass in the hall or meet at the chapel doors. adults - job sites 002

“This is a positive experience for everyone,” reports Brenda DeMattio, coordinator of the Adult Services Program at Saint Catherine Center for Special Needs. “We get to develop some independent living skills in a real environment that also allows for socialization for our participants. The sisters are so welcoming. We are helping them and they are helping us!”

This partnership developed at the encouragement of Sr. Maureen Ulatowski, SSND, who is on staff at Saint Catherine Academy. The sisters from the Wilton campus regularly visit the Academy – volunteering for Peanut Butter and Jelly Fridays or attending the annual Christmas Pageant. This was next logical step in an ongoing relationship with the sisters.

“We are always looking for opportunities for skill development and community interaction, ” added Ms. DeMattio. “The campus offers so many opportunities for us to develop new skills and to practice some that we have already. We are thrilled to be there!” adults - job sites 003 adults - job sites 006