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Welcome to SAINT CATHERINE CENTER Respecting the dignity and diversity of each person through support and service Slide Building For the Future

Welcome to Saint Catherine Center


Saint Catherine Center for Special Needs strives to foster the educational, spiritual, and social well-being of people with disabilities through direct service at our Adult Services Program, support in the parishes or Catholic schools for faith formation, and Saint Catherine Academy.

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Calendar and Events

Board of Directors Annual Meeting
Mass for People with Special Needs
Joy & Gratitude Dinner
5:00 pm - 9:00 pm

In the News

“Seeing the World Differently”: High School Students Mentor Academy Students
Jul 23, 2021

“Seeing the World Differently”: High School Students Mentor Academy Students

Five teens from local high schools have assisted in Academy classrooms this summer. “With most of our students attending summer school, we needed some help in the classrooms,” said Eric Spencer, Principal. “We have a good relationship with Notre Dame …

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The Gift of Purpose
Virginia Weir
Apr 12, 2021

The Gift of Purpose

Providing opportunities to be useful is a significant part of our mission at Saint Catherine Center. Whether the activity is small or large, everyone appreciates having a sense of purpose. “Bread Today?” When the Adult Program first began collecting end-of-day …

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The Power of Movement
Virginia Weir
Mar 08, 2021

The Power of Movement

The benefits of exercise are well-known, including stronger muscles, better coordination, more flexibility, and improved confidence and self-esteem. All students and adult participants at the Center have an individualized exercise and movement routine as part of their daily schedule. “There …

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A Message From Helen Burland, Executive Director

You Lifted Us Up -
“It’s going to require patience, flexibility, and a lot of creativity.” Looking back on the past year, all three of these qualities came into play. But most importantly, we had the power of community supporting us and propelling us forward, evident each day in the joy we saw in the students and young adults of Saint Catherine Center.

We showed great resilience as we implemented a re-opening plan that launched summer school 2020 for Academy students and a staggered re-entry for our adult participants. Excitement resonated throughout the building as friends and colleagues reconnected after months of separation and virtual programming.

The year was not without its challenges....

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